Bike Restoration

Do you have an old bike sitting around that is in need of some love? Typically, it’s a bike that has been sitting around your garage for years, but we can restore anything you have a desire to get up and running again. Bring your bike by the shop and we would be more than happy to take a look at it and let you know what it would take to not only make it work again, but really make it shine!



We have literally restored thousands of bicycles...


Our process

As with any remodel or restoration, the old has to go before the new can be applied. We start every rebuild with removing everything unusable- dry rotted tires, rusted cables and chain, dingy bar tape, torn saddles, and any broken parts. Next, the 'canvas' is cleaned, removing surface rust and old grime. Afterwards, bearings are inspected, new tires mounted, cables routed, bar tape wrapped, saddle leveled, and finished with a hand polish. All components are tuned to work like new and each bike carries an in house warrantly as well.