General Repairs

We provide everything from small adjustments of a specific part to end of season maintenance.  We have most replacement parts in stock, and are able to order virtually anything if we do not.  Minor repairs are done on a walk in basis with larger jobs taking an average of 2-3 days. Below is a list of our common repairs, but we do almost anything. 

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Small adjustments

Small adjustments are just that-- quick refinements to get you back on the road. Examples include noisy gears, unresponsive brakes, a dry chain, or any small thing keeping your bike from peak performance.  These types of repairs can typically be done on a walk in basis.

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Flat tire

A flat tire is a very simple fix and is often repaired within minutes. We discover the cause of your flat and inspect your tire to help you avoid further punctures.Typically this only requires a tube change, as opposed to a complete tire. 

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tune up

Tune up is a term people generally use to describe overall bicycle maintenance. To us, this means ensuring your bicycle works completely as it was intended. Our extensive process begins with the entire bike being inspected for safety and wear. Next, all dirt and grease is hand removed, adjustable parts are examined and properly tuned, and finally finished with a test ride.

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End of Season

After riding for an entire season, your bike has been through a lot of sweat and grit (pun intended). It is a good idea to extend routine maintenance and remove the crank, cassette, fork, cables, bar tape, chain, etc. and perform an in depth cleaning to avoid oxidation. This prepares your bike to perform better in the next season and
increase longevity.