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Our story begins when Michael found himself overweight at 315 pounds in 2007. Needing to make a change, he started cycling and over the course of a couple years, changed his life by losing 125 pounds. Not only did the weight loss change his life, but he had developed a passion for cycling. He started re-‘cycling’ used bikes in 2009 as he had, and still has, a passion for using his hands to turn something unusable into something beautiful. Fast forward to 2012, Allyson liked to bike, but wanted to get a little more into it. She had decided to go the refurbished vintage route (aka cheaper for a broke college student route) but found herself striking out at some of the local shops. There “weren’t any bikes in her size” and she kept feeling brushed off and looked over because she didn’t have a $1000 budget. That feeling changed though after happening into Old Bikes Belong where she ended up with a vintage Peugeot she still rides to this day. There were plenty of bikes there that fit both her budget and personality, and Mike actually spent the time to help her find what she wanted, not just what would make the most money.  After going back to the shop for a few items here and there and joining Mike’s group ride, the rest is history. Big Al and Lil’ Mike (yeah, we know its opposite) have since completed Ironman Louisville, Mohican 100 Mountain bike, Dirty Kanza (here’s to hoping for 2018) and countless other races and rides together. They have logged countless hours of training time, showing they don’t shy away from hard work. 2018 has started off as a big year for both Mike and Al, as Al left her nursing career behind to pursue her passion of cycling by joining the Grit Cycling team. Together they hope to help the cycling community of Louisville grow even more by spreading their passion and expertise of the sport. 


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You can’t help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn’t spell it right; but spelling isn’t everything. There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn’t count.
— Winnie the Pooh

Mike grew up in rural Kentucky living next to a dairy farm and working along side his parents in the family towing business. It was in this small town he learned how to craft beautiful objects from otherwise discarded pieces. His boy like since of wonder and adventure was never lost; as today he still loves to explore country roads and forgotten areas others have left behind. Mike loves creating with his hands outside of the shop as well and can often be found remodeling his house, building furniture, and searching for local art in the off-season. Some of his favorite things include chocolate chip cookies, Sunday afternoon naps, big fluffy dogs, and a cold glass of ice water.


My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage.
— Practical Magic

Allyson is married to her wonderful husband, Kendall, and they have two beautiful children in the form of a dog named Beau and cat named Thai. When Allyson isn’t at the shop she can generally be found in the Germantown hood hanging out with friends at the coffee shop or the local bar if it’s past 10pm. She loves a good bourbon and ginger and thus is always down for an adventure of any sort.  She especially loves Louisville and all the local events it has to offer, so if there is an event going on involving art, food, drinks, animals, or any combination, you can likely find her there. She prides herself on being a person of balance, thus she enjoys juggling various races, social events, and family all at the same time.