Large Orbea Carpe H10 2017 CLOSEOUT


Large Orbea Carpe H10 2017 CLOSEOUT

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This is NOT a pre-owned bike. It is not used in the sense that someone has owned it, it is a previous year model that is on closeout.

Bike Type: Hybrid: This is a loose term to describe a bike that is some combination of the more traditional bikes types (road, mountain, touring, etc.). There are several difference types of hybrid bikes, but in general these bikes are a great first bike for people and for recreational riders. This particular hybrid is the following type:

Fitness: The fitness style bike has many of the same features of a road bike but with straight across bars and, typically, a slightly wider tire. These bikes are great for riding on the pavement, with some use on unpaved trails with no large rocks or roots. They are also great for commuters as they will be equipped with mounts for racks and fenders.

Make: Orbea

Model: Carpe H10

Size: Multiple Sizes

Fits: Medium- 5’5- 5’9

Large- 5’9- 6’

About: 10 speed, single front, hydro disc brakes, aluminum frame

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