Vintage road bikes generally range from the mid 70’s until about 1990. This is referred to as the bike boom where millions of bikes were produced around the country (and world). These bikes are (at least the name brand ones) really well made and still serve a purpose today as a form of affordable transportation. Parts are cheap, they’re quite simple, and with some care will last another 40 years. Originally, Grit got its start from fixing up vintage road bikes for college kids. Today most of our vintage rides still go to college kids, folks riding to bars and social events, and anyone who just wants a fun classic to wheel around town.



47CM Ross Gran Tour - $250.00


54CM Trek 400 series - $250.00


58CM Schwinn Le Tour - $200.00

56CM Nishiki Sport - $200

56CM Nishiki Sport - $200

59CM Raleigh Pursuit - $200.00

59CM SChwinn World Sport - $200.00

59CM Concord freedom Deluxe - $200.00

58CM Nishiki Sebring - $175.00

59CM Lotus Challenger - $200.00


60CM Univega Sporttour - $250.00

63CM Nishiki Olympic 12 - $250.00

63CM Ross Gran Tour - $200.00

64CM Raleigh Technium - $200

64CM SChwinn Super Sport - $250.00

64CM Bridgestone 300 - $250.00

65CM Razesa - $200.00