Grit Cycling: Louisville's Bike Shop Since 2011

Grit Cycling, formerly Old Bikes Belong, started as Louisville’s premier vintage bike shop back in 2011. After a few years of selling refurbished road bikes, we started to edge more into the new bike market. Today, Grit Cycling provides a wide selection of both new and used cycles of all types for riders ranging from beginner to competitive, from triathlete to mountain biker, and from steel frame to carbon.  We pride ourselves on sticking to our roots while at the same time growing with our customers. 


Grit Cycling

2020 S. Preston St.
Louisville, KY, 40217

Phone: 502-777-1220


What's New?

We acquired the space next door to our shop and are currently full steam ahead with renovations. Please excuse our mess over the next few weeks as we work to expand and remodel our current and new space.  Come on down and check out our progress! 




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