Our Mission Since 2011

Grit Cycling’s mission is to match you with the perfect bike, plain and simple. We want to listen to your needs, provide our expertise, and find you the bike you want, love, and balances your needs as a cyclist. Whether you are looking for a high-end racing bike or a bike to ride to work, at the end of the day we are all here to ride. We were all a beginner at one point, whether it be to cycling in general, or to a certain cycling discipline. Our experience comes from actually riding our bikes - commuting, short and long distance mountain bike races, sprint and full triathlons, all day gravel races, hot centuries, cold training rides, and everything in between. We have experienced it all because we love it all. We have been in your cycling shoes which equips us with not only the knowledge and ability to get you what you want, but a true understanding of where you are in your journey. 


"No Grit, No Pearl"