We provide comprehensive fittings to ensure that you are dialed in to your bike. Fit is the most important element of cycling, even
more than the actual bike itself. Loss of power, back and joint issues, and being uncomfortable plague those improperly positioned
on their bike. Our goal is to make you faster and more comfortable by tailoring your bike to your body.


Biomechanically speaking it can make or break your cycling experience. Even on a short easy pace ride, you're doing the same motion thousands of times. Something as simple as cleat misalignment can cause knee and hip pain. The wrong saddle in the wrong position is both uncomfortable and can cause body fatigue. It is very hard to fit yourself simply because you can't be in two places at once, this is where we can help. 

What to expect

Fittings are done by appointment only so that we can work with you one on one in a relaxed environment. A session takes about one hour where your bike will be put on a stationary bike stand (a trainer) and adjusted to your measurements. This allows us to easily adjust your bike in the shop and, in turn, allow you to test the changes indoors. You will need to bring your cycling kit and shoes (a changing room is provided) in order for the process to accurately work. Often pedal cleats, saddle, bars, and stem are moved to achieve the best possible fit for your body. When we are finished you will be able to ride your bike for longer periods of time, be more comfortable, and be faster.